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Secure Set - 4 and 6 are high density polyurethane water blown foams. They contain no CFC's or HFC's to create their cellular structure. Density of the products are formulated for 4 lbs. per cubic foot and 6 lbs. per cubic foot respectively. Pour temperatures remain stable at or below 200°F at 8" lifts. Foam cream times may be adjusted from 10 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the requirements.

Secure Set - 4 and 6 are designed to be pumped, sprayed or poured in place using conventional plural component spray, pour or hand mixing equipment.

Secure Set - 4 and 6 may be used to set distribution or transmission utility poles, street light poles, fill rock fissures, fill voids, soil stabilization, mine tunnel closures, filling of underground storage tanks, leveling pavement punch-outs, slabjacking of concrete floors, etc.

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