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PE Fusion

PE Fusion is high strength modified acrylic adhesive for the coupling of  HDPE pipe to standard PVC couplings and other none-standard materials  such as aluminum, steel, fiberglass, ABS, etc. 

One 35 ml cartridge of PE fusion can adhere 12-15 - 2" couplings. 

Pad Leveling Foam

Secure Set - Level Foam is closed cell self-curing foam. The product is a dual component MDI based polyurethane of highest quality. It is used to fill the voids under transformer pads and other utility structures. 

Secure Set (Post Setting Foam)

Secure Set 4 is high density polyurethane water blown foam.  They contain no CFC's or HFC's to create their cellular structure.  Density of the products are formulated for 4 lbs. per cubic foot respectively. Pour temperatures remain stable at or  below 200°F at 8" lifts. Foam cream times may be adjusted from 10  seconds to 2 minutes depending on the requirements.

Secure Set 4 is designed to be pumped, sprayed or poured in  place using conventional plural component spray, pour or hand mixing  equipment.

Secure Set 4 may be used to set distribution or transmission  utility poles, street light poles, fill rock fissures, fill voids, soil  stabilization, mine tunnel closures, filling of underground storage  tanks, leveling pavement punch-outs, slabjacking of concrete floors,  etc. 

Fiberglass Repair System

Fiberglass Repair System (FRS) is a versatile repair system that is easy  to install, requires minimal time, needs limited installation tools,  provides multiple repair options and is priced at or below competitive  repair systems.

TimberBond NSG/VFG

TimberBond is designed to repair wood poles damaged by woodpeckers, as well as decayed or damaged wood that has created a void in the pole. 

TimberBond NSG

TimberBond NSG is a high strength two component formula that is the  fastest, cleanest, most economical wood pole restoration system  available. It features exclusive non-leak and non-sag characteristics,  that leaves little need for external preparations. Use TimberBond NSG  for internal and exterior damage, as well as pole capping to insure long  term pole integrity.


TimberBond VFG


TimberBond VFG is a high strength two component formula that has a  lower viscocity than TimberBond NSG. It's primary use is for deeper  penetration in areas of known decay or inaccessible debris. Use  initially in the restoration process, then complete the repair with  TimberBond NSG. 

Concrete Pole Repair

CPR is a high strength two component formula that is the easiest and  strongest structural repair for concrete poles, tower foundations,  transformer pads, and underground vaults and manholes. 




 CPR 300 Fast is equal in formulation and strength with CPR but sets  significantly faster. Using the same application equipment and  procedures as CPR for structural concrete repair, CPR 300 Fast will set  in under 10 minutes.  

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