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TimberBond is designed to repair wood poles damaged by woodpeckers, as well as decayed or damaged wood that has created a void in the pole. 


TimberBond NSG


TimberBond NSG is a high strength two component formula that is the  fastest, cleanest, most economical wood pole restoration system  available. It features exclusive non-leak and non-sag characteristics,  that leaves little need for external preparations. Use TimberBond NSG  for internal and exterior damage, as well as pole capping to insure long  term pole integrity.


TimberBond VFG


TimberBond VFG is a high strength two component formula that has a  lower viscocity than TimberBond NSG. It's primary use is for deeper  penetration in areas of known decay or inaccessible debris. Use  initially in the restoration process, then complete the repair with  TimberBond NSG. 

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