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  • Doug Reeves

TimberBond - The Ultimate Timber Utility Pole Repair and Maintenance Product

Timber utility poles represent more than sixty percent of a utility provider’s assets. Unfortunately, the operational life of timber utility poles can easily be shortened by termites and woodpeckers. TimberBond is the ultimate timber utility pole repair and maintenance product to reduce asset management costs.

Replacing timber utility poles can get very expensive, not only due to the cost of the materials and labor, but also for the need to turn off power to replace the poles. Any power downtime is costly to both utility providers and users alike, as businesses and manufacturers are unable to continue with their daily program, impacting the economic development of an area.

TimberBond is a cost-effective alternative (25% of the cost to replace pole) for restoring and extending the useful life of damaged utility poles. Safety data sheets (SDS) are available for both TimberBond VFG and TimberBond NSG, and GRA Services International offers an incentive program, known as “Try It. You’ll Like It.” This incentive program includes the costs of the tools required for repairs.

TimberBond NSG

TimberBond NSG is a high strength two-component formula with non-leak and non-sag characteristics that can be used for internal and exterior damage repairs and maintenance. It can also be used for pole capping to ensure long term pole integrity.

TimberBond VFG

TimberBond VFG is a high-strength two-component formula with a lower viscosity than TimberBond NSG. Its primary use is for deeper penetration in areas of known decay. If used first in the utility pole repair and maintenance process, work can be completed with TimberBond NSG.

Many utility providers form purchasing cooperatives, and the TimberBond incentive program is the ideal way for cooperatives and utility providers to try the product. The incentive program focuses on first-time buyers as well as repeat buyers. GRA Services International commits to shipping the ‘Starter Kit’ (that includes eight items) free of charge.

Contact us as soon as possible to find out how TimberBond can assist cooperatives and utility providers to repair and maintain timber utility poles.