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  • Doug Reeves

The Innovative, Cost-Saving Fiberglass Repair System for Utility Infrastructure

Utility poles represent the greatest portion of a utility company’s assets, and wooden utility pole damage due to fire is costly to repair. Lightning strikes, flashovers, and grass fires can cause extensive damage to utility infrastructure. But, the cost-saving Fiberglass Repair System (FRS) can save a utility company’s time and money.

The three main causes of fire damage are lightning strikes, flashovers, and grass fires. Grass fires often start when rainfall is below average, causing dry conditions. It only takes something as simple as a worker welding a fence or arcing power lines in hot, windy conditions to start a grass fire.

Lightning can cause several billion dollars of property damage every year and is also a frequent cause of grass or wildfires. With a high frequency of lightning strikes in many states, wooden utility poles are easily hit, as they might be the highest structure around.

Flashovers often cause pole fires. When a high-voltage current tries to find a path to ground, the tracking of the current builds up heat causing a fire within the pole. Sometimes the fire damage is limited, but at other times poles are weakened.

How can the Fiberglass Repair System (FRS) save money?

The Fiberglass Repair System (FRS) is not only innovative, but also cost-saving. It is easy to install and it requires minimal time and limited installation tools. Furthermore, the Fiberglass Repair System (FRS) also provides multiple repair options and is priced at or below competitive repair systems.

Fiberglass Repair System (FRS) sleeves are available in 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot lengths. These sleeves are wrapped around the damaged wooden pole and then strapped. They can be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Groundline damage such as burns due to grass fires, and/or

  • Upper level damage due to lightning strikes, and/or

  • Where pole fires are caused by flashovers.

If utility poles have been damaged by termites, woodpeckers or other pests, TimberBond is a cost-effective alternative for restoring and extending the useful life of utility poles. Contact us today, if GRA Services International can help your company repair fire damage to utility poles with the Fiberglass Repair System (FRS).