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  • Doug Reeves

The Benefits of Secure Set for Wayfinding and Traffic Signage

Once a city is built, its physical form and land use patterns are set for generations, impacting its ability to change with the needs of its citizens. Urban renewal, therefore, may become challenging to municipalities. However, it is necessary to improve neighborhoods, encourage economic growth as well as enhance the quality of life. That is why environmental sustainability should form part of urban renewal to not only support biodiversity, but also to create healthy spaces for people to enjoy.

What Might Sustainable Urban Design Include?

Every city has unique needs municipalities must consider when planning for urban renewal. Urbanization means more people need affordable housing, well-connected transport systems, basic services, and jobs. But, growing cities must also be healthy and attractive, which means they need to be filled with green spaces.

Sustainable solutions for urban redesign can include the following:

  • Green buildings (a structure that is environmentally and resource-efficient throughout its life cycle), and

  • Mixed-use developments (a blend of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses into one space).

Urban renewal must also allow for greenways where undeveloped land is set aside either for recreational use or environmental protection.

Urban Renewal Design Requires Wayfinding and Traffic Signage

Clear communication within urban renewal design means enough wayfinding and traffic signage must be available, for everyone to move around with ease. Secure Set, a high-density polyurethane water blown foam, can be used by municipalities to set wayfinding and traffic signage with ease.

The use of Secure Set pole setting foam is of benefit to municipalities as it sets within 60 minutes and is designed to be pumped, sprayed or poured in place using a conventional spray, pour or hand mixing equipment. Safety data sheets (SDS) are also available for Secure Set pole setting foam.

Consider Secure Set pad leveling foam if you have structures where noise reduction is important. The lightweight closed-cell structure of Secure Set pad leveling foam makes it useful for deadening sound, leveling pads and backfilling voids.

Contact GRA Services International today for Secure Set pole setting foam, if your municipality needs to install wayfinding or traffic signage within an urban renewal space.