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  • Doug Reeves

The Benefits of Pad Leveling Foam in the Utility Industry

Transformers and other utility structures form a significant part of a utility provider’s capital expenditure. Maintaining such assets are important. Secure Set pad leveling foam is the ideal product to level transformer pads and other utility structures for continued efficient operations.

Secure Set pad leveling foam not only fills the voids under transformer pads and other utility structures, but it also reduces noise. This can be important if a pad-mounted transformer is located outside a building or even mounted on the roof of a building. It also seals around pipes, ducts, electrical conduits, and utility boxes to stop the passage of air, dust, water, gasses, and even insects.

Range of Application:

17.6 psi compressive strength,

Supports 2500 pounds per square foot, and

Upgrades weatherization.


Ozone friendly,

No CFCs,

High volume from small cans, and

Upside down dispensing (6-foot hoses).

A well-leveled transformer or other utility structure has the benefit of providing power without interruption, limiting unnecessary expenditure and inconvenience to customers. Using a pad leveling foam on transformer pads and other utility structures that is easy to use, sets fast, and needs a minimum number of employees to complete the work is not only cost-effective, but also saves time.

Secure Set pad leveling foam is a closed-cell self-curing foam and dual component MDI based polyurethane of the highest quality. It is low in cost, requires no cleaning, and there are unlimited start-ups and closures when you use the product.

GRA Services International also offers Secure Set pole setting foam. This is the ideal product to set distribution or transmission utility poles, streetlight poles, and even leveling of pavement punch-outs. Contact us to purchase Secure Set transformer pad leveling foam.