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  • Doug Reeves

How to Repair Concrete Utility Poles

Most utility poles used by municipalities are made from wood. Sometimes concrete utility poles are required for streetlights, traffic or public safety equipment, besides the usual power utility use. As with any structure exposed to the environment, damage is inevitable, but municipalities can easily repair concrete utility poles with CPR, the concrete repair product from GRA Services International.

What Can Cause Damage to Concrete Utility Poles?

Concrete utility poles are heavy and can be difficult to install, so regular maintenance by municipalities is important. Here are some factors that cause damage to poles:

1. Replacement of Transformers:

Sometimes transformers or distribution cables must be upgraded, and as they are set into the concrete utility pole, removal and replacement might leave holes or cracks.

2. Weather:

Because concrete utility poles are stronger than wooden poles they are not as easily damaged or broken, even during hurricanes, storms or tornadoes. But, when such damage does happen it must be repaired.

3. Vehicles and Road Salting:

When vehicles crash into concrete utility poles the damage might not be immediately visible, but as with regular road salting, the damage eventually becomes visible through cracks or crumbling.

How Can CPR Help Repair Concrete Utility Poles?

Factors such as cost, public safety, and limiting liability require concrete utility poles to be repaired as soon as possible to its original state. The concrete utility pole product, CPR, is a high-strength, two-component formula used to repair concrete poles, tower foundations, transformer pads, underground vaults, and manholes. For easy application, the MTRC-1500 cordless power tool is used.

CPR 300 Fast is equal in formulation and strength to CPR, uses the same application procedures, but sets in under ten minutes. Sold in one-shot cartridges, it can be applied with the EC300 manual application tool. CPR and CPR 300 Fast consists of a high-strength, non-sag, non-leak epoxy gel. Safety data sheets (SDS) are available for both products.

To save costs, enhance safety, and limit liability, municipal concrete utility poles are easily repaired with CPR. Contact GRA Services International today for a supply of the concrete pole repair product, CPR.

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