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  • Doug Reeves

7 Uses for Secure Set

Secure Set is a high-density polyurethane water-blown foam that contains no CFCs or HCFCs and is, therefore, ideal for municipalities to use for maintenance. Product density is formulated for 5.2 lbs. per cubic foot respectively and foam cream times can be adjusted from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Secure Set is designed to be pumped, sprayed or poured in place using a conventional plural component spray, pour or hand mixing equipment. Here are 7 ways municipalities can use Secure Set:

1. Set Distribution or Transmission Utility Poles

Once mixed, Secure Set will harden within 60 minutes, allowing crews to set several poles in a day.

2. Set Street-Light Poles

Growing communities within municipal areas require good lighting for road, property, and personal safety. Secure Set will set street-light poles fast.

3. Slabjacking of Concrete Floors

Secure Set is a good product to use for slabjacking as it fills hollows within concrete floors that might cause them to shift, settle or become uneven.

4. Leveling Pavement Punch-Outs

Punchouts might be caused by repeated heavy loads, inadequate slab thickness or loss of foundation support. Leveling with Secure Set will limit further damage.

5. Soil Stabilization

Problems with poor soil-types can be resolved with Secure Set as it will stabilize subsoils and provide greater resistance to water infiltration.

6. Fill Rock Fissures

Small rock fissures might be created within municipal boundaries due to construction blasting or a natural event, and filling it with Secure Set will limit fissure expansion.

7. Fill Underground Storage Tanks

When urban renewal takes place, it is sometimes necessary to fill underground storage tanks previously used as septic tanks, if they cannot be removed.

If HDPE pipes must be coupled to standard PVC couplings, use the high-strength modified acrylic adhesive PE Fusion. Contact GRA Services International for PE Fusion or Secure Set to make municipal maintenance easier.

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