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  • Doug Reeves

6 Ways We Help Cities Grow and Thrive

Cities grow and thrive through the delivery of efficient municipal services. One of those services includes the installation of new traffic and wayfinding signage in growing communities. Secure Set, a high strength 2-part expanding pole setting foam can help municipalities install signage poles faster.

We share six ways in which Secure Set help municipalities to provide faster service to their customers:


Once mixed, Secure Set will harden within 60 minutes, allowing crews to set several poles in a day.


Cost savings not only relate to time. With the use of Secure Set, a lot less product is needed to set the poles. A further saving in costs!


Secure Set is designed to be pumped, sprayed or poured in place using a conventional spray, pour or hand mixing equipment.


It is especially important for the safety of road users and commuters that new traffic signs be installed as soon as possible.

Ease of Movement:

With new traffic and wayfinding signs that are set up speedily, users will move around more easily, limiting traffic congestion and frustration.

Clear Communication:

Clear signage will ensure businesses, hospitals, schools, busses, libraries, parks, museums, and other infrastructure are easily found.

Installation of the correct traffic and wayfinding signage not only keeps people safe, but it also saves time. This is equally important, whether it is because urban and/or rural revitalization are taking place in places where new industries or businesses enter the city, or whether it is because people choose to commute from a rural town into the city to work.

Secure Set, a pole setting foam, can also provide upright support to leaning poles in established communities. If utility poles have been damaged by termites, woodpeckers or other pests, TimberBond is a cost-effective alternative for restoring and extending the useful life of utility poles. Contact us today if GRA Services International can help your municipality to install signage poles faster with the pole setting foam - Secure Set.